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Bott Radio Network



About Us

Dick Bott; Man of Vision
Bott Radio Network has more than 100 stations throughout the U.S.

Dick Bott, Chairman and Founder with his son, Rich Bott, II President/CEO of the Bott Radio Network (BRN) have more than 100 stations in part of 15 states reaching over 51 million people throughout the United States. The goal of the Network is to provide quality Bible teaching with Christian news and information. Multitudes listen to Bott Radio Network learning the deep truths of God’s word through the greatest Bible teachers of today.

Dick Bott has been behind a microphone since he was a boy singing for Child Evangelism in churches throughout Minneapolis, Minnesota. His career in sales began at the age of nine when he sold apples out of a wagon to the neighbors. “We had three apple trees in the back yard and my mom let me have all the ones that fell on the ground. I earned ten cents a bag and usually sold three bags a day.”

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