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Digital Wave

Digital Wave

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About Us

Our Mission
Our mission at Digital Wave is to proactively manage our client’s technology infrastructure and provide solutions to optimize their investment in technology.

Who We Are
Digital Wave is based in The Ozarks in the Table Rock Lake area. For locals, this means fast service just down the road. For everyone else, it’s a Midwestern price point on the same level of managed services you’ll see in cities on either coast or anywhere in between. In the 21st Century, we’ve got the high-tech tools that let us manage your IT infrastructure from anywhere. Even in larger organizations with their own internal IT professionals, clients often find that our knowledge is helpful in guiding them to economical solutions to their needs. Some special projects are done every 4 years or so. With a long list of Table Rock area clients, as well as out-of-state locations, we manage a variety of different network needs. We do these special projects in cooperation with the internal IT professional, maximizing efficiency and minimizing down time for the client.

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