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Lakeland Pharmacy

Lakeland Pharmacy

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About Us

Lakeland and Pronto Pharmacy, proudly guiding your health. Mike, the owner, went to school in Oklahoma and moved to Southwest Missouri to start a Pharmacy in 1998. The first Pharmacy started in 1999 in Branson West, MO. Lakeland Pharmacy soon grew, adding 2 new stores, Pronto Pharmacy in Joplin and Webb City.

Lakeland and Pronto Pharmacy provide innovative approaches to healthcare management. They look for ways to be and stay relevant in this ever-changing market. Two of the main focuses of growth are our Specialty and Compounding divisions. Specialty medications are medications that are very expensive, often need prior authorizations and handwritten letters sent to insurance companies in order to get covered. We take the time to gather, learn and present your medical history to the insurance companies to help them understand your story so they will pay for the best medication. Then we fight for every penny by investing time into finding the best ways to save our customers the most money possible.

Lakeland Wellness, our Compounding division, cares for customers who need hormone replacement therapy, pain topicals, anti-aging and one on one consultations. They provide a wealth of testing options from typical blood work to genetic testing. The Branson store has an abundance of great nutraceuticals, which are high-quality supplements that may assist in treating or preventing disease.

We would love to guide your health. Transferring is simple; just one visit or phone call and we will take care of the rest.


Branson West Store
Branson West Pharmacist in Charge
Branson Pharmacist in Charge
Silly Branson team
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Lakeland Wellness Compounding Lab Pharmacist
Crane Store
Crane Pharmacist in Charge
Crane team
Pronto Joplin Pharmacist in Charge
Pronto Joplin team
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Webb City Pharmacist in Charge and Pharmacist
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