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League of Branson Theatre Owners & Show Producers


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About Us

Branson shows are full of variety and fun for everyone. During the 1990’s, Branson underwent a transition from the center for live country music to live family shows of all kinds. We have 50’s, 60’s, 70’s music, family music shows, music performed by classic stars, music from current headliners, music from Broadway, gospel music, specialty circus shows, plus magic and comedy.

The quality and variety of shows available in Branson is truly amazing, especially to the first-time visitor.The incredible Branson entertainers inspire people to achieve excellence; they are a gift to the human spirit, especially for our children. Branson shows are the essence of feel-good entertainment for all ages.And, as The League of Branson Theatre Owners and Show Producers, we never forget that the only reason we have more than a hundred shows is YOU!

Want to know what Branson is all about? Planning a trip to Branson soon? You have found the address of the stars in Branson, The League of Branson Theatre Owners and Show Producers! This is the place to get to know the entertainers as well as show schedules. You can buy your show tickets right now with the best prices and seats available. At The League’s site, you are buying direct from the individual theatres with no additional obligations, and we will not sell your address for any solicitation purpose.We want our visitors to have fun in making their decision on which shows to see in Branson! Click on the shows you are interested in (hey! Click on all of ‘em so you don’t miss anything). You will get to read about the show, have a visit with the entertainers in the show, link over to each show’s website, and buy your tickets right now for the best seats in Branson.

This website is a new venture for us. If you click and don't get what you want, just call the box office for the show you are interested in. Their friendly staff will be happy to book your next show in Branson.

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