Janie's Dollys For Recovery


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About Us

There is nothing in the world to get you in the mood to sew like having a granddaughter enter your world. To me, it brought back childhood memories of Barbie and her pals, Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Tears. In those days, it took imagination to make their plastic lives perfect!

After that initial burst of creativity at an early age, life happened and years later, I got to sew again for my young daughter's Cabbage Patch Kids. Endless midnight hours were spent creating outfits, bath towels and shoes for the Kids so they could be under the tree on Christmas morning. It was worth it to see the smiles on their faces and remember them all these years.

Granddaughter Janie appeared in 2014 and again the creative juices started flowing through my veins. Fabrics, threads and sewing machine oil became everyday items as I started sewing dresses for her. They must have been ''a sight to behold'' since everyone now says ''My, your sewing really HAS improved!''. In fact, some of my creations are available for sale which funds this charity. Just contact me.

A new and charitable way to reach doll aged girls who are undergoing extended medical treatments and might enjoy a new hospital type outfit for their 18'' doll. This brings a smile to their face and relief to the family. (For girls without a doll, a doll will be provided.)


Where it all begins.
Smartly dresssed.
Delivery day!
Winter wear.
Commission for basketball uniform.
Christmas in the making.
Flannel jammies.
Mrs. Claus' outfit.
Work in progress.
Dressed for success.
Cat's meow.
Pretty in pink.
Compliment your outfit with handmade shoes.
Flaming Flamingo's!
Gingham for girls.
Work in progress.
Sock Monkey monkeying around.