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Simply Baked by Chandler



About Us

Hey y’all! My name is Chandler Jacobs. I’m a born and raised Missouri girl. I love my truck, Table Rock Lake, woodworking, and beef…but that’s not what this is about…You’re looking for the story of how this bakery came to be. Well then, here it is - the short version anyways…

I grew up baking and cooking with my Mama, always loving to make new delicious things for our family to try and enjoy. Food is definitely my love language. After high school and several moves away from Missouri, I had the opportunity to work in two great bakeries. The first was at Maui Pie in Maui, Hawaii, and the second at Front & Center Bakery in Bath, Maine. I was blessed to observe and learn from some great employers and bakers what it takes to run a bakery business as well as picking up many new baking skills and techniques. At 22 years old when Missouri and family started calling me back, I decided to use my love for food and all things butter and sugar along with new techniques and knowledge to bring y’all Simply Baked by Chandler. I proudly opened March 22, 2018. I have to say, I couldn’t have done it without my amazing dedicated Mama (a.k.a. right-hand woman/keeper of my sanity), an amazing God, the support of incredible family and friends, and of course this great community. So, if you’re in need of something sweet, savory, or caffeinated, be sure to stop by and get something to go, or relax and enjoy it here in the bakery.

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